Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Guide

Nina Belmonte is a senior writer for Belmonte media after founding the company in 2008. She specialises in writing eBooks on health subjects and Internet marketing. Born in the UK, she now travels extensively with her laptop and Maine coon cat.

Having personally undergone a tonsillectomy procedure as an adult at the age of 37, she has firsthand experience of the pain and trauma that is involved. The extreme pain she experienced as a result of numerous complications with her recovery lead her to research everything she could to help herself and others deal with what can best be described as ‘worse than childbirth!’

Nina continues to keep up with her blog, helping people on a daily basis with tips and advice on how to best recover with the least amount of pain. Nina’s goal is to create a resource that gives adults relief and comfort while recovering from (or about to undergo) an adult tonsillectomy in an easily downloadable book so sufferers can get answers they need immediately.

She loves receiving emails from customers and is always happy to answer any personal questions.