Hi Nina, wow, that was a tough few weeks! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had your guide by my side. I loved the detail on exactly what to expect which I read a month before my operation. I prepared myself well and wonder what it would have been like without it  I sincerely recommend your eBook to all patients.

T. Renu
London, UK

Hey Nina, firstly thank you so much! I’ve just turned 33 and had my tonsillectomy just over a month ago. I totally recovered by day 12 and the whole process was actually not too bad. I really appreciated the advice on pain management in the first week. I even printed out the guide and gave it to my husband to read just so he understood what I was going through! Thanks!

R. Lawson
Birmingham, UK

I’m really grateful for not only this wonderful guide but all the help you provided on your blog. I still have to eat things I don’t really feel like but at least I know the worst is over. Thank you for holding my hand through this really horrible operation!

M. Nethercott
Florida, USA

Hello! I just finished reading the eBook from front to back and I’m glad you managed to distill so much information into an easily manageable read. I’m going to insist on my husband reading the book too before I go for my surgery next week, he seems to think I’m being a big baby. Please know that I am really grateful, thanks Nina!

A. Kenny
Durban, South Africa

Thank you so much for your guide. I don’t think I would have made it through my nightmare without it. It is so comforting to know that you experienced the same pain that I did and I was not alone.  Thanks.

Minnesota, USA

I’m on day 11 now and am so grateful for Nina’s book. I was climbing the walls with pain and needed help. I was so happy to know I could have her advice in just minutes and it was so easy to download the PDF. Nina has divided the book into clearly defined chapters which make reading easier when you are in so much pain. Thanks for the help Nina!

Maryland, USA

I had my gigantic tonsils removed 3 weeks ago! I can’t believe what a terrible experience it is as an adult. It reduces grown men to tears. Nina I appreciate your honesty and thanks for all the advice, especially on what to eat. Also I hired a humidifier; your section about humidifiers was a great help. Cheers.