What to eat

Ice LolliesHere are some great ideas on what to eat during your tonsillectomy recovery;

  • Popsicles or ice chips (avoid red ice as it can make it difficult to determine if there’s any bleeding)
  • Ice cream (if dairy is not a problem for you)
  • Soup Broth (clear)
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta
  • Gelatin
  • Jell-O
  • Scrambled eggs

If you have any further suggestions, please leave a comment!

14 Responses to “What to eat”

  • Greg:

    I would add Dentyne Ice gum to the list. The mint feels good on the throat, and the chewing relieves ear pain and stimulates saliva production.

    Great site!

  • Tanya:

    I am on day 2 post surgery, i had a cyst on my tonsil so they had to remove both for testing, i was told after surgery that my tonsils were very hard to get to ( poosibly due to the fact i never suffer from tonsillitis. I was advised to eat as normal as possible after surgery to help clear scabs. I followed advise and ensured i had my pain killers when instructed, i awoke this morning to find my Uvula so swollen it was blocking my airways.I was straight on to ice pops to reduce swelling.Ice pops do help to soothe, chewing gum really helps too. but most of all drink lots of water, i have loads constantly on chill, it prevents throat from drying which i find causes most pain and discomfort.

    • steve:

      Tanya, I had my surgery around the time you had yours and still feel pain from the incision site.Are you pain free? The doctor told me because of my age(58)that my post op pain could linger for months.The left side where they took out the tonsil is painful 24/7.

      • Ricardo:

        hunnie it all depends on the dotocr you go to and the location you are at .. many dotocrs in my area are all different in price. but i of course stay with only 1 he might be alittle more money then the rest but i trust him dearly.. look up a few dotocrs in your area sit down and talk to all of them find out how much they are and also make sure you do your homework on all of them.

  • John:

    If your a smoker can you smoke

  • Benjamin M:

    It’s important to note:

    If you get stitches after your surgery (I did!), you cannot eat anything that requires suction or you risk bleeding. So- milkshakes need to be eaten with a spoon, no hard candies, no lollipops or popsicles for me, and John, absolutely no cigarettes!
    Suction can cause the sutures to loosen. I was one of the lucky ones who hemorrhaged (spelling! yikes) and it was terribly unpleasant. I went to the E.R. at one in the morning, and they had me in the OR by 2:15. They pumped three pints of blood from my stomach. It was terrible. No suction!

    I was a smoker up until my surgery, a pack a day, and I am so glad I stopped before my surgery. Number one, it will be physically impossible for you to smoke. Your uvula will swell up after surgery (mine was the size of a grape), so it will be very unpleasant to reduce your airflow further. Smoking dries up your throat which is very painful. I saw my primary care doctor for Smoking Cessation the week before my surgery and explained why I needed patches. He agreed and wrote me a prescription, and my insurance covered it. If your prescription plan does not cover smoking cessation, you may want to just go to the store and buy some (skip the doc’s office).
    EVEN IF YOU PLAN ON SMOKING after you are healed, you must get the patch for your surgery. It will take away a huge level of irritability and discomfort after surgery if you have that nicotine running in your system and greatly decrease the stress of your recovery. I started the patch 5 days before my surgery and it was the best choice I could have made.

    It’s 6 in the morning and I have been up since 5 in pain. I am glad this resource is here to lend help and hope during this stressful time.

    • Sandra:

      these are the things I’m palnning on growing:tomatoessweet tomatoessweet peasbeanspotatoescarrotshot peppersgreen pepperslettucespinachsquashzucchinicucumbersMostly, anything I buy from the store that I could grow at home would go on the list. If I don’t screw it up too badly, I should have a successful garden (one that pays for itself) even if I fail in providing everything I need for the year.

    • Jodie:

      Well, this will be NEXT year, but sure, you’re always wlmcoee at our table. I mean, why not? We’ll obviously have enough!Oh, and I forgot broccoli, and cauliflower and onions, and garlic, and, and, and .. Heh.And surprisingly it’s not going to take up that much room in my backyard.

  • Danette:

    I am on day 5 and I still can’t eat what is wrong? I am starting the inner ear pain and itsdriving me crazy!! I just need a timeine of when will some relief really come where I can eat! Not to mention I just got braces 6 days before the surgery!!!

    • Joyo:

      It may turn out that my dream of feeding us for a year with my liltte home garden won’t work. If so, that’s okay.Still, when I discovered the square foot gardening style, I realized that I can pack in the plants I want into a much smaller area than if I planted in rows. It was a really nice discovery, because it means I can use the same space (about 20 x20 right now) and plant more than 2x the amount I have!Granted, I’m probably going to use more than that next year, but that’s okay; I have the room.

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  • Alan duncan:

    Hi folks I’m am 11 days post op in the uk I have been eating solid food all the time ,I am now able to eat anything I want still a bit sore but managble top tip eat hard food thru recovery like toast good luck

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