Staying Positive

smiley-faceWithout a doubt, the tonsillectomy recovery period will get you down at some point. Even although most people recover relatively quickly, it can feel like an awfully long time when you are constantly in pain. If the pain is severe, which it often is for a few days when the scabs fall off, time will seem to almost stop and you will wonder how you will get through the recovery.

Setting your expectations is important since if you at least expect it to be a miserable few weeks, then you can prepare for the worst without being disappointed. There is no doubt that there is a lot you can do to minimise the pain. The eBook contains lots of information on what to eat, how to sleep, how to prepare your environment, taking medication etc. but none of this information can totally remove the pain.

People tend to either underestimate how severe the pain will be or they underestimate how constant the pain is over a few days. I believe that the greatest problem is not the intensity of the pain but how it is just there all the time without any relief. I would estimate that the most common time to break down emotional or psychologically would be just before you begin to rapidly recover as you will have been suffering non-stop for about 10 days. You can also expect the opioid medication which is a narcotic to have some effect on your mental state. This is normal and usually subsides within about a week after you stop taking them.

You must make a point of reminding yourself that your recovery will rapidly advance around days 10-14. One day you will be in severer pain, the next you will suddenly feel a huge relief and the next day you will be eating a semi-normal diet.

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