pillsYou will be prescribed medication to take during your recovery. This will consist most likely of an anti-biotic and pain killers. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe an Octicaine based ear medication if you suffer from referred ear pain during your recovery.

The anti-biotic is prescribed to prevent or control any bacterial infections. The pain killers or as they are also known, analgesics, will numb the pain temporarily. You should discuss exactly when and how many pain killers you can take with your doctor as they will have a significant influence on your recovery pain.

You must also consider when you take your pain killers and when you eat food. The reason for this is simple – After you have taken you pain killers, you will have maximum pain relief after about half an hour. Since eating is the most painful activity after your tonsillectomy, you should try eat as close to half an hour after taking the pain killer as possible.

It is important that you discuss any side effects that you may have with your doctor. If your medication is not providing effective pain relief you should also discuss this with your doctor. It’s a very good idea to keep a written log of what medication you take and when you take them. You need to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum daily dose as it’s very possible to forget taking pills when you are drowsy. A written log will also help when you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder when you took your last dose!

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Last year a stinging sensation surfaced when I ate oatmeal,bread,drank lukewarm water.I could understand hot peppers but this was oatmeal.And besides I could eat spicy food with no problem before but now impossible.November I had an upper G.I. done and the doctor told me to stop taking the omeprazole 40 mg. because he saw no symtoms of acid reflux.A biopsy was done that showed minor GERD but no medicine was advised.As the pain intensified surgery was scheduled to ease my mind thinking there might be cancer below the skin not visible to the eye.The doctor found my left tonsil to be embedded and removed it and my uvula(which actually helps with my sleep apnea).The procedure was done this January and the left side of my throat is still sore and it is very painful to move my tongue to form words to speak.Sometimes I get a pain that shoots into my left ear.The pain in my mouth is 24/7.My primary care is treating it as having acid reflux and prescribed pantoprazole 40mg.Been on it four days and still in pain.Is acid reflux a 24/7 feeling or is it momentary in nature?I am tired of being in pain or does the healing from a tonsilectomy take many months to get over from the site where the incision was made.I am 58 and they did say it’s worse when you are older.I am in for a longer recovery time?Anyone else experience these same symtoms?

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