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crying-manThere is a vast difference between having a tonsillectomy as a child and as an adult. Firstly, the older you are, the longer it takes the body to heal. Secondly, a child’s tonsils are much smaller than an adult’s and require much less skin to be removed. The larger adult tonsils tend to cause more trauma and pain. However, doctors do not completely understand why an adult experiences more subjective pain than a child. If you are about to have a tonsillectomy or have recently had your tonsils removed, you should expect moderate to severe discomfort and pain for at least two weeks, sometimes longer.

Immediately after the tonsillectomy operation you should not feel too much pain as you will still have the anaesthetic in your system. The pain usually starts to become very uncomfortable when you wake up the following day. Your recovery experience will depend a lot on how you plan for and manage the next two weeks. You should expect to have a mild to severely sore throat in the first two weeks. The throat pain will peak around days 7-11 when the scabs from the wound begin to fall off. You should also expect to lose some weight and feel hungry as you will not be able to follow your normal diet. Loss of taste, sore tongue, bad breath and jaw pain are also commonly reported after a tonsillectomy. Some people also experience mild to severe nausea after the operation due to the anaesthetic.

Your first challenge will be eating and drinking. The most important advice that anyone can give you about recovering from a tonsillectomy is to drink water. Unfortunately drinking water is extremely painful, especially when the throat is dry .e.g. when you first wake up. However, if you do not drink water, the throat becomes even drier and it is even more painful to drink water. You should keep a bottle of water close to you and sip it as often as you can.

Eating food is also very difficult. The most common food in the first few weeks is ice chips or ice lollies as they both hydrate your throat and numb it at the same time which is very soothing. Rough foods which scrape your throat are painful, yet some doctors recommend rough food as they say it will clean the wound and speed up your recovery. I strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor about your tonsillectomy recovery and find out what foods he or she recommends. Most people in the USA are told to eat soft foods for the first week or so until after the scabs have fallen off and then slowly progress to rougher foods. Popular soft foods are pasta, baby food, jell-o, soup, scrambled egg. Do not eat very acidic or spicy foods or sauces as these will cause pain e.g. tomato based sauces or anything with chillies in it.

You will notice that you develop a heavy grey/yellow/white membrane where the tonsils were removed. This is the scab that is protecting the area where you tonsils were removed. It will slowly go away as you heal. The greatest risk you face is hemorrhaging of the wound. This occurs when the wound opens up and begins to bleed. If it is a very small amount it is usually not a big concern, however if it is more, you need to get urgent medical attention. In all cases, you should contact your doctor immediately or get to the nearest emergency hospital. You should not worry too much about the likelihood of serious hemorrhaging during your tonsillectomy recovery period as less than 4% of people will actually experience it.



Another area to focus on is your sleeping environment. You should plan to make this area as comfortable as possible as this is where you will be spending much of your recovery time. I strongly recommend buying or borrowing a humidifier as it can significantly aid in your tonsillectomy recovery. A humidifier will increase the humidity in air that you breathe and therefore aid in keeping your throat moist. Your sleeping cycle will almost certainly be affected by the medication you take and the pain you experience.Depending on the medication you are prescribed and the schedule for taking it, you may find yourself waking up when the medication begins to wear off and the pain increases.

Most people find themselves sleeping for between four and six hours at a time. It is generally a good idea to set an alarm to take your medication if you may be sleeping as this will also give you some time to drink some water.

Medication is critical during your tonsillectomy recovery. You can expect to be prescribed both a pain killer and anti-biotic. The anti-biotic is used to prevent or control any infection arising from the wound. The pain killers are obviously prescribed to help you manage the pain. You may be prescribed an opioid based pain killer which is very effective. Talk to your doctor and ask him exactly how often you should take your medication and the maximum you can take when the pain is severe.

Remember that after the scabs fall off around days 7-11, your recovery will be rapid. Don’t forget to drink water often and follow your medication schedule. If you have not yet had your tonsillectomy and are planning for it, go out now and buy yourself some of your favourite magazines, books etc. Even although the recovery period is quite short, it feels longer than it is and the more things you have to distract yourself with the better!


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 Ushpot October 7, 2012 at 2:21 am

All 14 + days of my recovery are posted in this blog. I have tried to explain everything that happened in great detail, but have also popped an overview with some helpful hints and tips in there so that you don’t HAVE to read it all if you don’t want to!

I have also given an idea of my pain tolerance and rated everything so that it should be of use to any adult going through the operation.

I really needed something when I had my operation, so I hope it helps!

Good luck!

 Sarah October 11, 2012 at 9:39 am

I went in for my tonsillectomy yesterday morning. I came out of the anaesthetic very drowsy this was not nice. My throat was painful and drinking water was difficult. I did however have no painkillers in hospital. I was let out the same day at 6pm with my meds (liquid ibuprofen and liquid paracetamol and codeine tablets)
As soon as I was home I was drinking very weak like warm tea this was much easier than water to drink. I set up a slow cooker in my room as a humidifier for my throat and this also helped. Last night I managed to eat half a large crusty baguette it was not painful and make me almost pain free all night. This morning I have had some more tea and dry toast and with my painkillers I am almost pain free again. Some people write horror stories on here but it’s really not as bad as everyone says you just need to bite the bullet and try to return to normal!!

 Alice November 6, 2012 at 4:16 am

It’s all well and good saying that two days in! You’re anesthetic won’t have worn off yet! Get back to us on day 7 and let us know if you’re still feeling great ;-)

 Alice November 6, 2012 at 4:14 am

Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to update! I had my tonsils out on 24 August, so nearly 3 months ago and I would say it took a good 6 weeks before I was 100%. Reason I am updating is because I just caught a nasty throat infection and apparently it’s 100x worse because its in the first 6 months post op. try and keep yourselves well and if you feel any sickness coming on make sure you dose up on vitamins ASAP! This has hot me for about 6 days now and I have no voice at all. Just some warning for all on post op!

 Jennifer Hare November 15, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I am at day 10 of my recovery. I don’t know why but I thought I would be up and about by this time. My surgery actually went well. From all the horror stories I imagined I would wake up from surgery in excruciating pain. First things I said was “wow! it hurts less than I though it would” to the nurses as they wheeled me into recovery. One thing that helped a lot was the nausea patch behind the ear before surgery. A+!!! So once I was home started the bad part, I threw up a lot the second day and became incoherent. I know I had a bad fever and my face became flushed and red. My husband called the doctors and they said to make sure I had food in my stomach when I took. The Oxycodone and make sure I drank plenty of fluids. The next day I got a hold of a thermometer and my temp was 101.7. I couldn’t eat, Popsicle flavor made me sick to my stomach. So I resorted to ginger Ale. Yum!!. I lived off cold ginger ale for a few days then added drank root beer to my diet. Those two have got me through the past 10 days. The carbonation really soothed my stomach. The only problem I had was nasal regurgitation, and that was with anything I tried to drink. It was creepy when bright red Oxycodone came pouring from my nostrils onto my white comforter. That went away after about a week. I’m barely touching solids now, chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes. It all tastes like wax. I lost 11 lbs. the pain has definite gotten worse at day 7, especially at night or when I try to eat. My ears are screaming in pain sometimes. I’m just counting the days til the scabs fall off.

 Tonieloise November 19, 2012 at 6:31 am

I am on day 7 of my tonsilectomy and to has been the least painful day, however I have just spat out blood and even though it’s stopped again I’m a bit weary. My throat looks like there is white mucus patches which look a bit like phlegm but stuck where my tonsils are. Are these scabs ? I really don’t know what’s going on apart from mt throat randomly bleeding :( help

 Tina November 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm

Hi there. So glad I found this site. My husband (54yrs) is onto day 5. He has been on a sleep apnea machine for the last 10 years and he had the op to clear all the throat area so he could breath without the machine. The surgeon said his tonsils were the biggest and the hardest to get out due to scar tissue. Everyone was amazed at how well he was eating and tolerable he was to the pain. UNTIL NOW! As the days have gone on, the pain has worsened. The swelling has increased to a point, I cannot see past his tongue. What is very uncomfortable for the rest of the family, is his really bad breath. Is this normal?? His breath fills up the whole house and we need to keep the windows open at all times. I did not realize just how horrible this operation is for adults. I wish all of you a speedy recovery.

 Quayp December 2, 2012 at 2:53 am

I am scheduled to get my tonsils out on Dec 17 I am 21 and um not very good with pain How many days will i not be able to talk? And will i need to take off the whole 2 weeks because i take Care of residents!! I am very nervous but i will have help so i guess!!

 Christina December 6, 2012 at 6:57 am

I thought I was not very good with pain either but either I am and didnt know it or mine just hasent been as bad as what I have read from are young so that should help you heal faster i would think…I was very nervous at first too and scared myself by reading other peoples expierences, but I learned a few things and took some advice, im only on day 7 now so i hope its almost over for me, but guess will see. You will be glad you will have someone there to take care of you and help you out because if you are like me where its hard for u to just sit for long periods of time and not do anything then its good for that other person to be able to do those things for u. Im off for 1.5 weeks and I work at a desk lol, but know you will not have very much energy at all to do anything, trying to eat after a few days took all my damn energy and I was able to talk right away and my voice hasnt really changed in tone either..sometimes it takes a lot of energy to talk and if u try to talk louder it will start to hurt if u push it and talk alot so dont do that for awhile. im just ready to get back to normal and be able to eat real meals! lol…i hope you have a mild surgery like i say i have, have, good luck to you :)

 Christina December 6, 2012 at 6:45 am

I am 33 and had my tonsils removed…
Day 1, wasnt in alot of pain, slept most of the day and took my pain meds every 3 hrs..i didnt eat today, but I did drink alot.
Day 2, still didnt eat alot, tried to sleep throughout the night and of course that wasnt going to happen, pain got a lil worse but nothing unbearable…kept waking up about every 2 hrs..
Day 3, Woke up feeling nauseated, tried to eat some crackers but it didnt work, I layed in bed until I got up to puke, threw up about 10 times in a row before I had nothing left in me and I just felt horriable I thought I was going to die..My mom called the Dr and he said to go to the ER where they will give me fluids and an nausea medication, and if I keep throwing up I was going to damage the surgery I just had done. Since I didnt really eat anything for the 2 days and the anesthic had gotten out of me the Percosets I was on made me sick…went to ER and soon as they put me on the fluids and nasea meds I started to feel so much better, I went home. I decided I was hungry and I could eat some things and take 1 pill instead of 2 and maybe that would help and I wouldnt throw up..
Day 4, I took percosets in the early morning and make sure I ate a lil and went back to bed, woke up a few hrs later and took 1 more pain med since It was around the time I could take another one…then about 4 hrs later I started to feel sick to my stomach again, i kept eating stuff but I was sooo tired of mashed potatoes and jello ans popsicles, so I eventually took the 1 Zofran pill that the ER had given me for nasuea and it helped so much, so I realized the percosets are too hard on my tummy and I could not take them so I started taking regular tylenol since the pain for me has not been that bad, I have not gotten the ear pain, as I have been chewing gum everyday, all the time because I had read somewhere that chewing gum helps, so I believe that has helped me too and the tylenol helps also, i still wake up every 3 or 4 hrs but then I take tylenol and im ok.
Day 5, feel so much better today since ive been off the pain meds…I have been eating fries and got half a burger from mcdonalds down the other day, it hurts sure but if u chew it up real good its easier, I just cant stand not eating at least some regular foods, i was starving!
Day 6, this is the day im on right now and I was able to get the dr to prescribe me something more easier on the stomach for at night time, daytime is a breeze for me but nighttime i still wakte up every few hrs because my mouth gets so dry and im not drinking, so I have Loratab 5 now and I just took one with a tylenol as he said to do, my throat dont really hurt that bad and I was able to get out and go to the store today, as im sooo tired of being inside all day and night…i have read up on this stuff from all different sites before I got my tonsils out just so I can prepare myself for the worse and get advice from other s who have been through this..and it has helped me alot, i know i still have half a ways to go if not more but i can say out of all the things I have read from people, i was lucky to not have as much pain as others and expierence some of the things they have went through or are going through. It still hurts dont get me wrong and I cant wait for the day I can ear normal again, Ive lost pounds already and will probably lose more, i just want to get back to being me and eing able to o everything I did in mins I will be starting Day 7 and still dont know what to expect..I see some scabs back there, especally on the left side but I dont know when they come off, if the pain dosent get any worse from here i will consider myself lucky, and to all the others out there sufferings im sorry I know it hurts but just drink, drink and eat soft foods with your pain meds so u dont end up back in the hospital like i did, and if you are one of those people reading up on what to expect and are planning on getting it done soon, just prepare yourself for the worst that way if its not that bad like some say it will make it way better for you, everyone is different and heals different so its just going to depend on you and your body..its ok to be scared, i know i was but chew gum and that might help you not get the ear pain and it keeps your throat moist too..I hope mine only get better from here, im praying…but i know once its over it will be totally worth it..ive had problems with my tonsils my whole life so maybe now ill hardly get sick, that would be nice…good luck guys, hope this has helped!!!

 pete mitchell December 10, 2012 at 5:15 am

Im a 34 year old male and when i was told that i had to get my tonsils out my doctor said that it would be “hell”. I went straight to the computer to read some other stories and that was a big mistake! My anxiety went through the roof! I worried about thre recovery every day for a month until i had my surgery. MY RECOVERY WENT GREAT!!! I followed my doctors orders and everything went very smooth. When i woke up after surgery i had NO pain,only mild discomfort. I actually thought that they hadnt done the surgery. They sent me home with liquid lortab,witch i never had to take more than half of the max amount. I kept a humidfier going while i slept and drank water like it was a drug.12-16oz. an hour.I really think that it made a big differance. My dr. told me to stick to soft,room temp foods for a week or two. I recommend slim fast drinks.They really helped curve my hunger. Other than that it was pudding,applesauce, or anything like that as long as its not to warm or to cold. I stayed on the couch and watched tv. I only had mild discomfort when i swallowed, other than that, i was fine. I never had any problems with my ears either.I heard stories about it but i never had any. After two weeks i was back to regular food and back to work after a week. I have never worried about something so much for nothing in my life. I hope this helps anyone looking for a positive recovery story because honestly, ive had sore throats that were worse than my tonsilectomy

 M April 3, 2013 at 11:50 pm

This was the most positive, and helpful review I’ve ever read! Thank you!

 Julie December 22, 2012 at 9:29 am

I am 35 and *technically* had my tonsils removed yesterday, but it being 3 am, it’s hard to really say I’m on Day 2. I also had septoplasty and inferior turbinectomies at the same time due to recurrent sinus infections. Doc told me I wouldn’t even notice the nasal surgery with the pain from the tonsillectomy. My first thought when I woke up post-op before I could even open my eyes was, I can breathe!!! Asked for pain meds as soon as I felt I could swallow to stay ahead of pending pain. That really seemed to help and other than some nausea later on that was relieved with zofran, I had a much better than anticipated day- I sipped water EVERY TIME I SWALLOWED. Largely in part due to my nasal drainage, was a lot easier to swallow thick secretions and draining blood (hence nausea) from the nasal surgery when I sipped the water. Cold water was painful for me- I did better with luke warm, also ginger tea. I was able to eat yogurt and chicken noodle soup (non-puréed!) so thought I was off to a pretty darn good start! Tonight was the first time I tried to actually sleep, I hadn’t napped at all earlier, and I can basically rest for 5-10 min then am awakened by what feels like choking and being air starved- that uvula is HUGE!!! I have a whole house humidifer-winter really gets dry with the heat on- and a humidifier next to the bed, and have since relocated to a recliner, with the humidifier. Looks like this uvula thing is going to “hang around” for awhile… How the heck do you sleep?!! I now feel I understand sleep apnea. Between that and the nasal drainage- but hopefully that will only be a couple days- I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep!!! Glad I found this forum- no one to talk to at this hour;)

 Julie December 23, 2012 at 7:10 am

Day 2 – That uvula gave me some more trouble this am to the point of near airway obstruction when awake- and forget sleep- total sleep apnea. Was near heading to emergency when I got the call back from the doc- he called in a steroid pack to help with the swelling- huge HUGE help. Pain still under control, was able to stretch out to 6 hours instead of watching the clock every 4 hours. All in all I think I’m good to go, we’ll see how the rest of recovery goes!!

 virginia December 25, 2012 at 5:33 am

Im 30 and got my tonsils out 4 days ago. I made the mistake of eating a cookie and have some stuck. How can I get it out it is driving me nuts.

 Lizzieeee27 December 26, 2012 at 3:24 pm

I had a tonsillectomy on dec. 19, I’m now on day 8 (counting the day of surgery). I know I’m only on day 8 but as people say day 7-11 are very painful. That is not true for me, day 1-4 was the worst. The only bad thing about day 7-11 is BAD ear pain. My throat still hurts a good bit but I can start eating some normal foods without it hurting as bad. I use a heating pad and put it on my ears, it really does help! Ive stopped using my pain med that the doc gave me because the taste is so nasty & it made me so nauseas, i take tylenol extra strength now, & it helps a good bit actually. You will feel better a little bit every day! I’m just wondering whether the pockets in the back of throat will stay there forever even after the scabs fall off? & when will all the scabs mostly be off an stop having pain?

 Carrie January 2, 2013 at 11:49 pm

I’m 37 and I had my tonsils/adneoids removed Dec 27. It is now Jan 2 and the pain is OK, and I returned to work. I am taking 500mg of Tylenol but my tongue is super swollen to the point I cannot talk right, nor even stick my tongue out. It’s kinda funny. It is all tolerable- really no sore throat but where they were removed is sore. I made the mistake of eating dairy which ads an extra layer of slimy mucous to the mouth so I stopped doing that and I also gargle with warm salt water twice a day. My best advice is to use the warm salt water mix to gargle (lightly) with.

 Taylor January 3, 2013 at 5:50 am

Hi, I am 17 years old..I had my tonsils removed on Friday, December 28th, 2012..the day I went home I was completely boyfriend came over and we just slept together all day..the next day was the exact 3 was a little bit worse..he left and my throat jaw and ears began to really hurt. Day 4 was by far the worst so far..I couldn’t sleep at throat was completely swollen..and now I am on day 5. I slept all day long..literally..didn’t really take any of my percocets since I slept all pain really until I was a sharp pain..I kept coughing as that a sign my scabs will be coming off soon? I have horrible breath and I don’t want to see my boyfriend until I’m back to normal again ahahaha. But please respond..I feel all alone!

 Karen January 4, 2013 at 10:18 pm

I had my tonsillectomy in April of 2012. I found this site before my surgery which helped me prepare for what was to come. What a noticed months later is that my uluva now hangs low. So low that it touches my tongue. This is very annoying and feels like there is something stuck in the back of my throat. Have any of you experienced this?

 Julie January 7, 2013 at 4:39 am

Had my tonsillectomy et al 12/21 and I guess I’m a little over two weeks out- I’m lucky that I never had the excruciating pain that I was always hearing about. My scabs are almost completely gone. Only thing lingering is a gross taste in my mouth, but I also have a sinus infection so it’s hard to tell what is causing that- probably a little of both. I had to have steroids for the swelling, primarily the uvula, and I can still feel it on the back of my tongue- @Karen- I totally get what you’re talking about. I’ve never heard of it persisting, but I suppose by taking out the tonsils, it could subtly change the structure around the soft palate (uvula or punching bag thing hangs down from the soft palate) so ??? I actually work with ENTs, including the one that did my surgery, I’ll have to ask!

 Diego January 8, 2013 at 3:29 am

My surgery was on Janurary 3,2013 i am on day 4 of the surgery and i have the white scabs…know my main concern is that on one of my scabs i noticed that i started bleeding out of no where im very scared and nervous idk what to do if anyone could help me ill truelly appriciate it

 juliette January 10, 2013 at 7:57 am

I had my tonsillectomy Jan. 7th so i’m going on day 3. So far, there’s been ups and downs. My sleep is definitely key to recovery although it is very interrupted. It’s also really important to drink lots of water even if it is so painful.
The main thing that sucks is not being able to eat what you want, obviously (although if you chew it down with water you can eat almost anything in tiny amounts). But the worst parts that were unexpected is the swollen tongue, this gross medical syrup taste that is persistently there whenever I eat sweet things (messing up of my taste buds) and the food that feels stuck at the back of your throat. It’s so gross… I just can’t wait for this nightmare to be over and to be riddened of tonsillolith forever! It truly is the only cure.
I also can barely talk and my uvula is yellow and swollen. I can hardly open my mouth without pain and gargling feels very strange and difficult. Atleast I can’t open my mouth for people to smell what is probably the stench of dead animal in my mouth.

 russ January 19, 2013 at 12:34 am

I had my tonsils out when i was 22 and it was the worst/most painful experience of my life. the dr said after about 1 week to expect the scabs to come off and some slight bleeding for up to 30 minutes. however, he failed to mention that during the procedure they nicked and artery. well the scabs came off of the artery which lead to severe bleeding and blood clotting in my throat. after 45 minutes of filling glasses full of blood, i called the dr. he was irritated and said to come into his office. on the way to the office i passed out due to blood loss and lack of oxygen (because the blood clot in my throat made it hard to breath). told my mom i loved her before passing out as i literally thought i was dying. woke up in an ambulance after coughing out a large blood clot (thought it was my heart). eventually saw the DR who coterized the wound (while i was awake, quite painful).
Beyond that whole experience, the 2 week recover was the worst physical pain i’ve experienced (more than broken ankle, nose, separated shoulder, fractured vertebrae). I lost 23 pounds.

 Zeebus January 21, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Day 15 of my recovery. Had to get recauterized on day 6 due to massive bleeding – lost 1.5 pints of blood. That was not fun at all. I’ve gotta say the pain hasn’t been the worst part, it’s the nausea and starvation that are pissing me off the most :) Finally starting to get some very soft foods down. Gotta echo the same as others here, though – food gets stuck in the pockets where the tonsils used to be and it’s annoying as hell.

 Brooke January 23, 2013 at 7:37 am

Hello everyone. I’m 22 and 8 days post opp. Holy moly what a crazy 8 days! I honestly had times when I was like why did I do this. I am a mom and have had strep and tonsillitis for the better part of 8 months so i’m used to pain too. It is definitely getting better but the past couple of hours my throat stings sooo bad even when I drink water. I know that it is from the new skin from losing scabs and i’m wondering how long that lasted for people and how to eat and drink through the stinging. I didn’t get magic mouthwash :( but I did get liquid roxicet which burns too and I haven’t been taking for two days except for emergencies. When I will I see the bright light at the end of this never ending tunnel?

 Tiffany January 25, 2013 at 3:57 am

U need to keep the pain meds in your system not just in case of an er
Attack the pain first then it’s easier to manage!
After 11 days u will feel a lot better but my terrible days where 6-10
Good luck

 Tiffany January 25, 2013 at 3:54 am

I had my tonsils take out 14 days ago.
Two days ago I went to my p.c.p. because my e.n.t.
Was in surgery. I was still in terrible pain it seems that I have an infection
In my throat. I also have a puss pocket on the side if what was my left tonsil
Any advice?

 Rachael January 31, 2013 at 12:37 am

Hiya everyone.
Hope you’re all coping ok. I had my tonsillectomy 5 days ago and I was so nervous. I had really bad tonsil stones and they were pretty rank so had to have them out.
After surgery I didn’t feel much pain (probably due to the copious amounts of morphine – not that I was complaining about it cos it’s wonderful stuff!) so the nurse gave me a plate of chicken and rice. I was sick everywhere! And about 6 times after that. I had to stay in hospital overnight and went home the next day with a bag full of codeine, paracetemol and diclofenic.

I’ve been forcing myself to eat solid food and I’ve managed pretty well. I’ve even managed toast on day 3! :D I find warm tea soothes my throat. I take my pain killers half an hour before food and it makes it much easier to eat.
I was in so much pain yesterday (day 4) and I made some warm milk and honey and it helped alot.

Today the scabs starting coming off and they tasted horrible but it feels more comfortable now to swallow.

I’ve been gargling salt water to get rid of bits of food that get stuck and it’s really helped heal my throat.

I wish you all a speedy recovery. xxx

 Garrett January 31, 2013 at 3:43 pm

On day 2 of recovery, and not terrible so far. I’m 18 and i know the worst is to come, but i seem to be able to eat nearly as much as i want. When i got home from surgery yesterday I got a mcdonalds milkshake and ate that, then had some double noodle soup and pudding. Later that day i had some more soup, pudding, and ensure and some applesauce, and a bomb pop haha. Has anyone else’s uvula been extremely swollen? mine has gotta be 5x in size, and touching my tongue!

 Garrett February 2, 2013 at 1:57 am

just an update, on day 3 and still not bad, ate burger king last night, and taco bell tonight.. Maybe its different for everyone? Alot of people are complaining about not being hungry, my problem is it takes to long for me to get full because i have to chew stuff up so well.

 Garrett February 7, 2013 at 7:52 pm

Well that since then it was been a total decline. The night i updated i had a really bad bleed, called an ambulance and went to the e.r; After being discharged later that night. Bled about 4 or five times in 2 days, not nearly as bad but something to be worried about. So finally i went to the doctor on Monday and he did an in office cartarization with some silver nitrate, that sucked. Did that at around 8 in the morning, and later at about 5 that day i bled again, so my doctor said he wanted me to go the the ER because something was wrong. I got my hemo tested to make sure i didn’t need blood, and that turned out ok so they admitted me for the night anyways. The next day the doctor ordered that i go back under so he can rough up the tissue on my left tonsil bed too see where the vessle was that was causing so much trouble, so i got surgery that day, and stayed in the hospital to be watched. The next day which was yesterday I came home. I can only hope it goes better from here, but i definatly would NOT do this again.

 april February 3, 2013 at 8:26 pm

Hi I had my operation 6 days ago in the afternoon, so I’m on day 5 of recovery. The first few days I slept nearly all day and all night. The pain was bad but bareable with the pain meds and lots off sleep. But days 4-5 I have only slept at night and the pain is.becoming intolerable. I had a reaction to my.pain meds and had to reduce them too. Which didn’t help seeing as my anesthetic finished wearing off.
I’ve been pushing through the pain and eating a bit of rough food everyday to try and minimize the bacteria build up. It didn’t start off too bad but now I find myself hitting the table in frustration. Hahaha everything seems to hurt exactly the same to me so I figure I may as well try and carry on with rough food to keep things clean. My tongue is still massively swollen and very sore. Chewing hurts, and I’m constantly spitting out the minging thick mucus stuff that tastes and smells disgusting. A few times I have noticed bits of white in my saliva and wondering if this could be off the scabs? Not looking forward to them falling off if it means more pain!!

 Tamra Jones February 4, 2013 at 8:22 pm

Hi everyone, I was googling the internet to find out when the swelling of your uvula goes down after a surgery like this and I stumbled across this. I am 30 and I am on day 3 not counting the day of surgery and I am having a horrible time here. I can hardly drink water cause it hurts so bad and I’ve had very very little to eat, mainly chicken broth for now. I haven’t taken my medicine in a day cause it’s too sweet and leaves me feeling so icky that I get sick. I’ve thrown up a couple times which was so terrible cause I felt like I couldn’t stop cause of how swollen my uvula is. I also have a bad cough and a lot of drainage that’s so nasty cause I can’t spit it out. At night I sleep upright sometimes cause it feels so much better but I’ve been waking up off and on coughing real bad. I’ve had encouragement from a friend and a bunch of people are saying it’ll get better but they have no idea how it feels and some of these stories I’ve read over scare me a bit.

 Ashley P February 16, 2013 at 10:29 am

I have been extremely far! I had a tonsillectomy and my sinuses opened up on Feb 14th..happy Valentine’s day 2 me…Lol. I do have pain but its not as bad as I have been reading… I am on liquid oxycodone and antibiotics cause 1 tonsil had an abscess…which I googled and apparently I had tonsillitis that was not treated….I am really hoping my pain goes away..but I am only 3 days fingers crossed! And good luck 2 everybody that has and is about 2 go thru a tonsillectomy!

 Roxanne February 16, 2013 at 9:18 pm

My brother who Is 16 years old just had surgery on 2/12/13, tonsils, adnoids, lip revision and what they call a “take down” of the P Flap In his nose ( born with a cleft lip ), he is handling his pain very well, however he Is complaining about a lot of slimy build up In the back of his throat and he can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much he drinks. Any advice on how I can help him with this?

 TJ February 20, 2013 at 1:19 am

Tell him to avoid anything with dairy products. They can cause secretions to build up.

 karie February 21, 2013 at 7:46 am

i had my op on the 15th, The op its self was not as horrifying as i thought it was going to be, they told my partner i bled an awful lot while i was having surgery and hence was on drip etc but i cant remember that bit so; all in all it was ok i was a bit sore when i woke up and felt like an idiot when they told me i had a panic attack when coming back round from the anisthetic (ive never had one before this). Then an hour after my op i felt like some one let off a fire work in my mouth. I stayed in over night cause my uvula had swollen really badly i felt like i was choking everytime i laid down or spoke this was painful but probably more emotionally frustrating as i was terrified to sleep but still really tired from the anisthetic. The following morning they fixed me with a steroid injection and within an hour or two i was fine to go home, just hard to speak and in a normal amount of pain but nothing i couldnt handle. I am now on day 6 and in agony :( just with my ears, throat, right side of face and neck is swollen, headache and cant breath through nose. Ive taken as much as i can take for painrelief even slid an extra couple a mls in but am still feeling pain through this so i give up trying to sleep, am hoping if i get tired enough al just drop off where ever i maybe at the time and hopefully wake up without this level of pain. Failing this….well i have yet to decide…, am not a wuss like ive given birth 3 times naturally; for me this tonsilectomy is defo the most painful experience ive had in my life so far. On the up side at least my tonsills are out and i can breath through my mouth now (mine were removed as they blocked my airway and had done for 10yrs). Hopefully if i concentrate on the positives it’ll make this next week fly over, i just want to enjoy my new mouth with out having this kind of rubbish hold me back..

 karie February 23, 2013 at 9:44 pm

just an update for you, the day i wrote the previous message i was in agony and the pain got extreemly worse then i started bleeding from the wounds where the tonsils were. i went to the medical centre and they found i i had a blood clot that bled and had gotten infected, a chest and sinus infection. Now i am on anti biotics and am over the moooooon, ive had a wonderful day with the kids and have been so enegetic singing my head off, stings when i eat still but the pain is no where near as bad it was and am truly happy and now am pleased i had them out i can sing again and breath so much easily with out having them huge balls blocking my air way and causing me to choke on food :)

 Taylor February 27, 2013 at 1:20 pm

Hello all. Just had my tonsils and adenoids removed the 22nd, and I’m now on day 5. I am able to finally eat some relatively solid food, (pancakes, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes) and the pain is nowhere near as bad as the first four days. I’ve noticed, however, on the site where my tonsils once were is a thick greenish-white coating with yellow streaks, and the area around it is very and inflamed. My uvula is also coated in a sticky white mucous looking substance. I’m worried it may be infected, despite the antibiotics I was prescribed (amoxicillin).
Something of note also, my voice changes day to day. The first day after surgery, I was very scratchy and hoarse sounding. The next two days I sounding almost normal, just a little congested and tired sounding. Today and yesterday, my voice is very high and airy, and it takes a lot of breathe just to force out a few words. Did anyone else deal with this or am I alone?

 Caroline March 10, 2013 at 12:01 pm

I’m approaching day five. Day one was not too bad, I woke up and it felt like a severe case of tonsillitis. Nothing I wasn’t used to. Day 2 was worse. My throat hurt but I was so sick from the painkillers I had to stop taking them.. I then proceeded to get a 103 degree fever and shooting ear pain. This carried into day three which was just as bad as day 2 until I took Advil (which is not recommended as it causes bleeding). Day 4 I felt so much better, I even ate some chicken soup with vegetables. Now day five and the pain in my left ear is going to make me go insane

 Charliee March 15, 2013 at 2:47 pm

I had mine out on 4th March 2013, the actual surgery was okay.. I was wheeled down and knocked out as standard procedure! The following days were ok, I couldn’t really talk or eat and I was in an awful lot of pain! On difflam, dispersible diclofenac and paracetamol until day 5. Day 5 the pain got really bad, and I got put on tramadol and cocodomol instead… tramadol is rubbish, it did absolutely nothing for my pain at all! exactly a week post op, I got taken to a+e after not being able to talk, drink, eat or swallow at all for 2 days… had an infection and was severely dehydrated! was put on a drip with fluids, antibiotics and steroids for 24hrs and was finally discharged. I’m now 11 days post op and have been eating chicken stew, toast, tea and lots and lots of water! water is really a godsend for me at the moment, it does hurt to swallow a bit, more so on my right side, but I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! hopefully within the next week or so i’ll be much better and be able to eat the food I really really want!

 Christa Bennett1 March 17, 2013 at 3:12 am

Is it safe to smoke on the 11th or 12th day after surgery

 Eric June 27, 2013 at 8:26 pm

I don’t know anything about smoking after surgery, but I’ve been smoking since day 2 and I don’t think it has caused me anymore discomfort than I would have been in anyways.

 Wvrn0721 March 17, 2013 at 5:07 am

Hey everyone. I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one suffering from post-tonsillectomy issues. For the first few days I was able to drink plenty of fluids and eat a variety of soft foods. I’m now on day 6 of my post-op, and this is by far the worst period for me. I woke up yesterday morning with pretty severe pain and a paste-like taste in my mouth which at times makes it hard to swallow. I haven’t tried the mouth washes some of you have mentioned, but are there any that are actually helping? I’m currently on 30mg of OxyContin, 1-3 pills every 6 hours and Omnicef once a day. I always thought OxyContin would be a strong narcotic, but it only seems to take the edge off the pain. I have been told repeatedly to drink plenty of water, but as of now I’m finding that pretty difficult to manage.

 Cherine March 19, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Hey everyone,
I need help im pretty sure im on the verge of a mental breakdown. From what I heard I wasnt suposed 2 have pain until the following day after surgery bt right after they woke me up I was in horrible pain n I have been ever since. I went 2 the ER after my surgery bcuz I was in so much pain n I couldnt even swallow my pain meds. I can hardly swallrow my own spit, bt I make sure I drink at least 3 wat er bottles a day. Eating isnt too bad ive been able 2 eat soft things like scrambled eggs mashed taters n even soft fries bt it still hurts a lot. I sleep with my fan on n I wanted 2 know if thats bad n if it will dry my mouth out more. I just am at a loss I dont know what 2 do anymore im in so much pain n now they are trying 2 cut my pain meds down n they hardly worked b4. Im almost 21 and I already live with cronic pain because of other medical conditions bt I have have a very high tolerance 4 pain so I thought this would b easy bt I can even feel my other pain cuz this is s sever I li

 Cherine March 19, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Sorry the rest of my post got cut off I was saying I cant even feel my other pain cuz this is so sever. Im so ready 2 give up. If I knew it would b like this I dnt know if I ever would of done it in the 1st place. I can only sleep 4 3hrs tops then I wake up in pain again. I hate this so bad someone please help. Oh yea im on day 5 n 4rm wat ive read it dnt get any better so I dnt know wat 2 do HELP!

 Matt March 20, 2013 at 10:02 pm

Day 3 for me and I am bored absolutely sh1tless lounging around the house. Day of the op not too bad (enjoyed the morphine!) and yesterday was bearable. Been eating crisps and pizza as well as ice cream and it finally became agony about an hour ago. Couple of extra Oxycodone and back to bed and the pain seems to have eased but getting very bored now…

A beer and a cigarette would go down a treat as well.

 Christopher March 21, 2013 at 3:15 am

Hello, I had a tonsillectomy done 6 days ago 26 year old mae. I have been up and down with pain and bleeding. The worse bleeding experience I had was this morning where I was trying to get excess mucus from the back of my throat out and it I started bleeding pretty bad. I spat up roughly 2-3 tablespoons worth of blood. I aided the situation by gargling hydrogen peroxide with water, it subsided after about half an hour.

A few hours later (curious me) checked the back of my throat to see what was going on back there and it looked like one of the scabs on the left side (if your facing me) had came off (at least I think it came off). I am very concerned on the area that is now now longer covered up by the scab. It looks like there is a pocket where the scab used to be that goes in. It looks like it’s about the size where it could fit a marble there, maybe a little smaller. I do have a picture, I know it’s not the best, I tried to get a angle.


The other side looks properly contorted to where the tonsil was, and the scab is curved to the side of my throat and looks normal in comparison to other peoples scabs…

I am not sure if everyone else experience this too? Will that pocket close up? I hope food doesn’t get stuck in there :( . I am not sure if I got stitches or not, but if I did I wonder if they let loose and the skin broke loose and dropped down?

Once the other scab on the other side falls off either tomorrow or the next day I will be able to compare the areas. Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

 Christopher March 21, 2013 at 3:19 am

Sorry about the typos *contoured not “contorted” :)

 Lynetta March 22, 2013 at 11:15 pm

Hello everyone, I am 33 yrs old and I had my tonsils removed on March 18, and I must say I wish I could go back in time and have them replaced…..
Day 1, after surgery I couldn’t breath so they had to give me oxygen while in recovery. When I got home I became extremely nauseated and started vomiting swallowed blood. I was also suffering from severe chest and back pain.
Day 2, I was no longer nausea but was in great pain. My tongue was swollen and I couldn’t talk or see the back of my throat. At this point I’m still only drinking water, apple juice, eating ice chips and sucking on Popsicles.
Day 3, I’m in so much pain it hurts to swallow even water!!! By the day the ear pain starts but the Chloraseptic spray my dr told me to use helps a lot. I can’t take codeine so the liquid Tylenol is what I’m taking for pain and it helps. Still having chest and back pain but not as bad as the days before.
Day 4, I’m still in pain and now drinking less. Haven’t been able to eat anything, even soft foods, and drinking less so my body is getting weak. I started drinking Ensure to help get some nutrients back in my body and stuck with the Popsicles, water, and ice chips. Still not able to talk at all.
Day 5, today I’m able to talk a little and managed to eat a soft scramble egg without too much discomfort. I was able to talk today and I have less pain today.
I’m hoping that these next days I will feel a lot better .

 Emily March 24, 2013 at 9:22 pm

I’m 29 and had my tonsils removed 4 days ago. I’m not much of a whiner or complainer when it comes to pain. I’m pretty tolerant. I’ve had a spleen removal, bone marrow removal and other blood related transfusions etc. NOTHING compares to the pain I’ve been having with my tonsillectomy. The pain is less in my throat (unless im swallowing) and more with my tongue and left ear. I keep drinking water, the colder the better and taking my pain meds on schedule. However; as you get from taking high doses of pain meds for a period of time you tend to get an upset stomach and constipation. I’ve cut back on the pain meds as the throat pain is less than the stomach pain at this point. I’m glad to hear that things will get better because for the last 4 days I was starting to think that sleep apnea was a better option vs the tonsillectomy. I certainly hope it’s worth it. I’ve also noticed that an ice pack on your throat helps a bit too. Good luck to everybody on the road to recovery!!

 veronica March 27, 2013 at 11:20 pm

had my mine out 9weeks ago n still got numbness around the throat area and have problems swallowing saliva
and food and have to force myself to swallow and talk very hoarse at times has anybody else got this problem

 Vicky March 28, 2013 at 3:35 pm

I must admit I think my surgery must have went massively well looking at all your experiences either that or I have an amazing pain threshold (which I highly doubt) I am 21 and had my op on Friday 22nd march. As advised by my dr I have been doing my best to eat normally ever since. On Monday I had a lot of pain and had to go to the doctors for codeine but aside from that it had been just like a bad flair up. I even went through sickness most mornings due to the codeine. I would say around half of the scar tissue has come away now so I’m guessing I’m nearly through the experience now. The mornings are still about a 9/10 in terms of pain but this goes in about 30mins if i force myself to drink water and take some meds. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

 Rob March 30, 2013 at 4:45 am

I had my tonsils removed 4 days ago.
The first day was fine, a little painful, dry throat, the normal reaction.
The next day is when the hiccups began.
These are the most violent hiccups I have ever experienced (going on three days constant hiccups) they make the area affected feel like it is being suctioned and pumped (which Is extremely painful). I have not been able to sleep for longer than an hour, and I am usually woken up by the hiccups. I am experiencing pain in swallowing even water, ice cream seems to be ok but it onsets the hiccups. I find the mouth wash the doctor prescribed just drools out of my mouth. I hope this pain ends soon.

 Savannah S April 2, 2013 at 11:21 pm

Im on day 6 and I’m 17, almost 18 in 26 days (woot woot). The day after surgery I felt very well for having my tonsils out just the day before. I thought I was so macho I decided to eat crispy French fries and fried catfish, mistake. I couldn’t finish my plate the pain came in a matter of minutes. My diet now consists of scrambled eggs, pancakes, Mac n cheese, milkshakes. The only thing I like to drink is ice cold water. Drink lots of it! Staying hydrated promotes healing. The next couple days were the worst. Day 3 and 4 I developed a fever. Called the doctor and he wasn’t concerned since I’ve been eating and drinking really well taking the medication how it was proscribed. The morning of day 4 I took my morning dose of medicine and threw up shortly after. A bunch of the mucous crap came out of my throat, it was pretty let me tell you. My stomach is starting to get sensitive if I don’t eat before taking medicine. The worst part js especially waking up in the mornings, the dry mouth kills even though I set my alarm every 4 hours around the clock to take liquid hydrocodone. I also have to take amoxicilin twice a day as an antibiotic. I’ve learned chasing the liquid medicine with ice water helps it go down a lot easier. Day 5 nothing special happened was just in pain. Now today on day 6 the pain isn’t as intense. And this is the day I finally had my first BM since surgery after taking 3 or 4 laxatives prior. From reading all of these I see day 7 is the common day where people lose their scabs. This is what freaks me out the most. What are you supposed to do swollow or spit out? Does it gag or hurt? What’s it like?

 samantha April 4, 2013 at 1:46 pm

I’m 20 had my my tonsils removed nov. 27 of 2012
Day 1: woke up from surgery not to much pain mostly cold. In and out of sleep all day only are a few spoons of apple sauce but threw it up.
Day 2: no longer nauseous ate two small portions of apple sauce and a popsicle stayed awake more and took less pain medicine. Feels like a bad sore throat right now

Day 3: lots of ear pain and throat pain was able to eat more. Slept mostly in the morning and stayed up through the day and night had pain of about a 4 that night only when swallowing my saliva.
Day 4: didn’t need pain meds all day only till around 8 because of trying to talk more than I’ve been since before the tonsillectomy.
Day 5: not took much pain I can talk more the Doc told me this would be the worst day it’s actually been the best for me so far

Day 6:
Was my worst day lots of pain and didn’t eat

Day 7: slightly better had horrible taste in mouth very weak.

Day 8: was able to shower and get ready without difficulty and went to a friends for a bit. It was a little exhausting.

Day 9: same as day 8 I can feel the scabs starting to come off along with the awful taste that gets me nauseated at times
Day 10: less pain only ears hurt at time eating jello and soup. Went out to watch the fights with friends ate some menudo which burned and put me back to eating apple sauce

Its been a little over 4 months and I still get some pain in my ears and feel pressure now that I’ve started running again .
Also I’ve gotten a cold recently and the mucus from my nose just come out uncontrollably weird but has this happened to anyone else?

 Jessica April 8, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Hey everyone!

I’m 22 from Australia, and I just had my tonsils out this past Friday (5th April 2013).
When I woke up after it I felt fine, but the pain hit me about 24 hours after surgery. Since then, it’s been horrendous. I actually feel kind of ripped off, because everyone told me that the pain wouldn’t be too intense. They were so wrong! I had MASSIVE tonsils and I also had deep tonsillar crypts, so the ENT surgeon needed to take out a lot more tissue than normal. I also bled a bit (I think I lost about a cup and a half of blood) but besides that the procedure itself was ok.

As for what I’m eating, I was told to eat a “normal” diet and to eat rough foods, so I’ve been loving off eggs on toast, cornflakes and crackers (and then lots of ice lollies to numb my throat before and after). The only thing I would recommend staying away from is mashed potatoes- I tried some yesterday (day 2) and they stuck to the back of my throat- not pleasant.

I’m taking antibiotics and I’m on oxycodone and panadol for the pain.

Hope this helps and I hope everyone else heals super fast!! xx

 Jessica April 8, 2013 at 4:43 pm

Also, I’ve been making sure to take a fibre supplement as I got warned that the pain meds could make you severely constipated and so far I’ve had no problems there.

Has anyone else had trouble sleeping? I’ve been constantly drowsy but I’ve not actually slept too much at all. The day I had my surgery I went in at about pm4, came out about 6.30pm and didn’t sleep until 4.30pm the next morning, and even then it was only for two hours. Now I’m probably averaging about 6 to 8 hours sleep per 24 hour period. I was definitely expecting to sleep more than this!! Can anyone else share their sleep experiences with me?

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