Diagram of tonsils

Diagram of tonsils

Tonsillitus with swolen tonsils

Tonsilitus - Swollen tonsils with ulcers

Tonsillectomy scabs

Tonsillectomy scabs

Tonsillectomy Scabs

Tonsillectomy Scabs

Tonsils after tonsillectomy

Tonsils after tonsillectomy

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  • Rach:

    I had my tonsils removed and lasered last Monday. I’m glad I didn’t know until after surgery how painful and uncomfortable it is. But am glad I found this page when I did I was a little worried that I might have an infection in my throat as I was very dizzy, nauseous, loss of appetite, had a slight fever and my throat looked gross. I went back to my doctor and she said a few days after op this can happen and I probably didn’t have an infection but gave me antibiotics anyway. So my throats meant to look this gross?! haha I’m starting to feel a little better but recovery is slow. I’m not sorry that I had the op I did need it. I’d like to offer some advice; hopefully someone will find it useful in their recovery. When I got home from the hospital I slept a lot and angled my pillows so I wasn’t lying flat which helps me sleep. I wrote down when and what drugs and how much I took for pain and antibiotics so I could keep track of it. I’ve been drinking as much fluids as possible especially the first day as I had to fast for the surgery and went over 10 hours with no food or water and ended up quite dehydrated and also the drugs make you a little dehydrated. I like water with ice cubes in them best. For food I was told to eat as much normal food as possible. At first I ate a lot including jelly, tinned fruits, yoghurt, custard, sorbet, ice blocks, ice cream, pureed baby food, scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, cup of soups, fruit mince pies, vegetables, soft fruits such as watermelon and mashed bananas (room temperature food/fluids is best, too cold or too hot and it was sensitive on my throat). But after a few days I got worse and things like ice cream and yoghurt got stuck to my throat and toast and other dry foods made my scabs bleed so I went back to soft food. Also my tongue hurts which I didn’t expect so some foods that require extra chewing can be painful. Oh and when bending down and getting up do it slowly, I didn’t once and nearly passed out! The first night after surgery I slept a solid 6 hours and woke with a burning throat, so whenever I wake I have a drink, meds if needed and food. Eating is painful so I recommend taking pain meds and then 15 minutes later or whenever they kick in then you can eat. My sleeping habits and eating normal foods are slowly
    getting back to what they used to be. Just have to be patient, you’ll be better soon : ) Keep up your normal teeth brushing, being gentle near your throat. I also every few days made up a salt water throat rinse. I don’t gargle, just rinse my mouth out or hold it in my mouth then spit it out. its a cup of heated water and a teaspoon of salt, stirred then let to cool before rinsing. Get plenty of rest, take your meds, fluid, food and just take it easy and if uncertain see your doctor and you’ll be back on your feet and back to your normal routine very soon. All the best everyone x

  • Ann:

    Thank you for this info. How are you doing today? I am scheduled to have this done 12/14. I am very nervous because I am 46 years old and don’t bounce back like I used to.

  • Kelly:

    Good info. I was told by my Dr only liquids the first day and then on to soft foods only until recovered. The pain meds can constipate you too, so be sure to drink lots of water and maybe some Metamucil or other fiber therapy drink.

    • BeccaD:

      Do not use fiber for constipation caused by pain meds, it will just make the problem worse! Tell your pharmacist what medications you will be taking after the surgery and let them recommend what to have on hand to use. Get all of this done before your surgery, you will not feel like dealing with it later. You will want to have all of your supplies (food and medication) ready when you get home.

      • Pilar:

        Too sad about that other child. Why was there not enough supevrision for all the children……. Charlie has had moments of sudden, sad, crying too. I too am often not able to figure it out—I just try to sit by and hug him.Hoping for cooler temperatures!

    • Ketlen:

      Big Tree Academy is accepting apoapcltiins. We do not make students sit in chairs during this beautiful, fall weather they can go outside & read or write : ) We do give deadlines to papers ,however we understand the individual child’s needs & work w/them on a curriculum designed for their specific learning styles : )JUST KIDDING!!! Remember it is also a learning time as she is transitioning & they are preparing her for the 6th grade…UGH?!? This will be a learning curve for you both & I know you girls will do great! It’s not about the grade, it’s about the knowledge both academic & personal. Keep communicating w/that teacher. You know the “inside” scoop & keeping that open line of communication is key. Court is an awesome girl! I love her & will pray that all her teachers see her wonderful, sweet heart : )What’s the deal w/blogger?! I had a hard time posting today as well…gggrrrr!

  • Penny:

    Hi, I’m 43 and had my tonsils out 6 days ago. One thing I was told before my operation that it was going to be painful after. I was never told how long the pain would last and lasts up to
    2 wks or more. Not knowing either first day after op and second day was not so bad. By the third day the pain was worse and thought they were going to keep me in hospital. But no I came home. The pain increases I’m affraid each day that goes by. With this I was really worried. I then went on this site and found out that the 7-11 day is the worse day of real bad pain as scabs will start to remove and need to watch out for bleeding. In hospital I was told to have roughage food to which was very hard. Only could eat after medication set in. And even then I had only little. Had lots to eat straight after operation. The foods I was told to eat was toast, potato
    Chips,Meat, chew on chewies in between so there is no stiffness of the back of your throat . I know all that sounds terrible, and believe me its not easy but it is suppose to give u a speedy recovery. And to drink coke. I’ m starting to eat less now and wanting more soft foods like yoghurt, jelly, frozen icy poles as the 7 days starts tomorrow. Fresh , lemons, oranges and bananas may cause severe pain in throat and ears and should be avoided. don’t know how but I was also Told by my nurse in hospital that if u eat roughage foods it will stop it from bleeding u would think it would be the other way around. Patients need to be told before they go home that each day gets worse with the pain. I take 4 hrly medication and antibiotics. I do gargle a mouth wash called Cepacaine, which has got an anesthetic to numb area and a antibacterial, I use that every 2 hours do not swallow, you won’t be able to talk and if u do write on paper. Try not to talk makes it worse. Make sure u have plenty of of water and bed rest. Good luck to you all and hope u have a speed recovery. :-)

    • cheryl:

      Don’t know who your medical team was, but the first few days need to be very soft. Popsicles and sherbert. Stay away from ice cream and milk products the first 2 days because it causes extra mucous. Stay away from citrus as it may burn. You do not want rough foods (chips, pretzels, and even bread) and nothing salty or spicy. These will cause pain in the open sores. Keep the throat wet by drinking plenty of water.

      • Garima:

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  • fridah:

    GOD this tonsillectomy operation is a death sentence. im in so much pain its been 6days since i had the op but hell no im in real pain

  • mikayla:

    I wonder how long the pain lasts, because i had mine done on april 1st and its killing me!!!!!

  • Cindy:

    I had my tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy on April 8, 2013. The first day was bad with drinking liquids. I kept feeling as if I was going to choke. And I could not lay flat and sleep because where the back of my throat was swollen I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. The second day of recovery was better, my doctor prescribed tetracaine numbing suckers, pain meds and antibiotic. I ate soups and drank PLENTY of ice water. My third day was worse, I had more pain when I woke and didn’t want to swallow. My doctor told me I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I could tolerate it. This morning (4th day), the pain was bad again but as I drank soup and drank water my throat started feeling better. My doctor told me that this would be the worst WEEK of my life. I can’t lie, I’m about to die for a slice of pizza, some “real” solid food but, I am being cautious and taking it easy. I am talking and I will brush my teeth which seems to make the pain a little better. But the mornings are worse for me right now. Keep a glass of ice cold water with you when you go to bed, keeping your throat hydrated is the key thing.

    • Johnny:

      I have degenerative discs, but I am not sure what that means eaxltcy. Do you think that surgery is ever worth it? I have seen my sister struggle with surgeries and epidural injections and it scares me. So does the pain, but a lot less than an invasive process. I wish there was a magic fix!! (An easy way out!! Best- Jen

      • Hannah:

        I would research nutrition and exercise to strengthen the muscles around the bones to protect them, consult a physical therapist, and then hopefully surgery is a last resort.

  • Ellen:

    If anyone is reading this before they have their tonsillectomy here is what I found online/was told by my doctor (USA).
    1. Pick up your drugs ( over the counter ones too! plenty of ibiprofin) before the operation and stock your fridge. I got massive things of Gatorade and water and packs of pudding, applesauce, and sorbet. I also admit to picking up some slow churned mint chip 😉
    2. I also bought an armchair pillow for my bed, and before I went to the hospital I changed the sheets, set up a massive heap of pillows, and turned down the bed. It’s the little things people.
    3. Parcel out your meds into timed doses. I used ice cube trays and labeled them with the time and date I needed my sister to give them to me. Have your caretaker set alarms! The pain can be avoided if you/they don’t get lazy and let you blow off food and meds.
    4. I spent probably 2 hours post op in the hospital while the anastisia slowlyy wore off. Then she took me home and about when she had settled me in bed that good ole alarm went off! I told her to MAKE me eat something as right after surgery is when you are going to be the most drugged and thus least likely to feel pain and it is also when it is most important to get the blood flowing in there to start the healing, prevent bad clots and prevent the scabs from bonding too tightly at the root.
    5. Applesauce seemed to be the most appealing as I was thirsty but not fond of the feeling of straight liquid there. I preferred it room temp or very slightly chilled- cold felt weird. I slept for the rest of the day and most of the next, taking my pain meds, amoxicillin, and/or ibiprofin as directed every 3-4 hours by the alarm. Each time I took pills I ate at least half of an applesauce and as many sips of Gatorade as my sisters taunting could yield.
    6. By the 3rd & 4th days (this past weekend). I was eating saltines and more ibiprofin than oxy. The only thing besides the irritation in my throat that bothered me was dissiness. I’d started getting my own meds and food and kept knocking into things! I was determined to shower and that was terrifying- bad idea.
    7. Monday I was fit to be tied. Dying for a beer and pizza. Went off the oxy so I could have the beer, and yes we got the pizza too and I had my average 3 slices… Slower and couldn’t quite bring myself to face the crust but not too bad. Tuesday I actually did go crazy a little, did my nails, called in to work meetings, cleaned around the apartment, planned today…
    8. Today my sister and I went apartment shopping. I drove, on ibiprofin all day (still have a 4 hour alarm for 400-600 mgs). Didnt eat today, except for a diet coke- I couldn’t tell if that was doing good or bad things to my throat… But I seem to have no appetite, much less than the first few days. Also- tonight makes the second night I haven’t slept a wink.

    Either liver failure, too much ibiprofin, RX meds reharmonizing, or excitement/anxiety about my impending move….
    I’ll see the doctor tomorrow and get her opinion, my tonsils look like the pictures but the scabs are uneven so I suppose some have already come off. Tempting to stick a cotton swab back there and investigate but if I went and gave myself an infection I’d never forgive my stupidity.

    It’s not over yet but I can say that comparatively my pain sounds like its been negligible. I do have a high tolerance for pain, but as far as I can tell setting the president to eat and drink frequently those crucial first days is really what helped.

    I have probably only lost 5 or so lbs but I suppose I’d rather miss out on the weight loss perk than be in pain or in bed for any longer.

    Hope something in this ramble will be helpful for somebody!

    • BeccaD:

      Your advice is the best I have seen on here, and I agree that planning ahead is the key. The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned that I would have liked to have been warned about: Lortab Elixir (liquid pain medication) feels like drinking lava! I couldn’t believe how badly it burned my throat. I recommend a sip of room temperature water, followed by the medicine then quickly washed down with several more small sips of water.

      • Farhan:

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    • Jamessia:

      I love seeing what you’re up to! You have no idea how my heart skppied a beat when I saw the huge rolls of baker’s twine in your wish list. !! I have been thinking about trying to hunt some down online, and now I don’t have to! :) Thanks!(I love all the other goodies you have listed too. Hope your girly is feeling better!)

    • Krishana:

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  • Crinn:

    Got my tonsils out last wednesday (it’s Monday today). The surgeon said they were pretty rotten. he wanted me to take narcotics or some shit and all ive been taking is tons of that liquid ibuprofen and tylenol for kids and i’ve been fine. (I’m 18). as for the antibiotics, I crush the pills up and mix it in with pudding or applesauce, really helps!!

    • Paresh:

      Jane, thanks so much for ponniitg me to this from #cumbriahour on Linkedin. For someone who has recently taken the leap from PAYE to self employed, I appreciate so much of what you say here yours is an inspiring story and I’m glad you shared it. Two months in to working from home and running my own business, I KNOW it is the best move I’ve ever made and I am excited about the journey ahead (inevitable hiccouphs n’all!). Family benefit from a calmer wife/mum and the dog loves it more walks for him! Thanks again Jane great article

  • Denise:

    Hi, i have just had my Tonsils out at the age of 50! I knew it would be painful-they were right i am on day 5 now and still in a lot of pain days 3,4 and 5 have been worse. I have tried to eat toast/crunchy stuff but to painful. so am on a diet of milky porridge for breakfast, soup and a very soft roll for lunch and mashed potatoe with gravy for dinner. ice cream relives it but brings mucus! so have stuck to ice pops! Feel very tired and got earache at moment but that is to be expected.. your throat looks horrible with big white scabs. But in time hopefully i will feel better.xx

    • Nico:

      order it all! You deserve it after all those trips to Target and the ER. By the way…I wnoedr why we didn’t think of cupcake stands? Too busy reading blogs perhaps? ha.xoxo, Julia

  • jouball Henry:

    please I have tonsils and I am afraid of operation, is there any medication that can remove them without surgery

    • Thathianinha:

      I think I have tonsillitis. I have a very sore taroht, sore ear and neck on my right side, there is white tissue on my tonsils, I have a ton of issues with my sinus s right now, cough and mucous from my chest. headache, slight fever and crappy sleeping lately. I am a 28yr old female and going to clinic tonight.[]

    • Nilce:

      His original ceancr, for which he received experimental forms of chemotherapy, was called a nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which is a rare tumor along the eustachian tube behind the sinus cavity. This was in 1946. He originally responded well to the treatments, but the ceancr returned, and by the time he died on August 16, 1948, it had spread to every part of his body.At no point did he display any symptoms related to untreated syphillis.

  • Yousry:

    …not that he learned any of that from Law School…someone must have told him those tinhgs…but yes, he’s on the bully-pulpit and must try not to offend anyone. Maybe he should stick to selling cars.

  • Jc Robicheau:

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  • Vilma:

    What’s blogging for if you can’t vent? I am facnig the same balancing issues with my kindergartner. I noticed on your profile that you, like me, have a background in teaching. As teachers, we just know too much to back off and it’s compounded by the fact that we’re dealing with our own children. at the same time, I just so don’t want to be one of “those” kind of parents.

  • Gcobisa madolo:

    Mhmm tonsils are very painfull ,I’ve got two balls around my throath those balls sometimes I’ve notice that they have some cream white tissues inside those balls and those tissues has a very bad smell, and I do magic snoring at nyt mhmmmm really its not easy to inhale its very difficult and I notic that this can result to asthma , I’m scared of doing this tonsillectomy BT I wish I could because its not ayoba

    • Cheryl:

      Gcobisa my daughter aged 31 just had her tonsils removed on Wednesday last week. I am not going to lie to you, it is a very painful operation to have done. The worst pain starts from day 4 – 7 when the scabs start forming and then start coming loose. If you suffer from bad breath it is due to tonsil stones (white/yellow substance on tonsils. If Tonsillitis (large inflamed Tonsils) happens often, more that 3-4 times a year, it is best to have them removed.

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  • rebecca cook:

    Hi all im 35 and i had my tonsills out on tbe 8th of sept im still in pain and my throat is white what day will i start 2 feel better

  • Fredrik Ljungberg:

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  • Kevin Allingham:

    I had my tonsillectomy 2 days ago at 71 years of age. I had to spend another 24 hours in hospital before the bleeding stopped and was discharged without any painkillers whatsoever. It is worrying to see your throat all inflamed and white but it is reassuring to know that this is normal. Thanks for everyone’s input.

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