Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Guide

"I guarantee this eBook will significantly reduce your stress before the operation and during recovery or your money back!" - Nina Belmonte


The 10 Golden Rules

Follow these rules and you will reduce your pain, stress and anguish significantly!


Pain Management

Learn about the various medications and get tips and tricks from tonsillectomy survivors.


Food Guide

Eating and drinking may just be your biggest challenge. Get this wrong and it will cost you!

Why this Book?

This eBook was inspired by someone just like you who went through the ordeal of having their tonsillectomy as an adult. Nina Belmonte wanted to share her in-depth research and experience and help others with their difficult recovery. Nina has tied information together from tonsillectomy survivors and created a guide to get you through the operation and recovery.

What they say?

Nina’s book is easy to read and concise which is essential in times of pain. I highly recommend you read this book if you are going to have or have just had a tonsillectomy! I found solace in knowing my experiences were not unique!”
Charles J. Moore

About the Author

Nina Belmonte

Is a senior writer at Belmonte Media and after undergoing an adult tonsillectomy at 37 years old, Nina suffered complications during recovery which lead her to extensive research into the subject. Nina has significant experience in the health care field and wants to help other tonsillectomy patients manage their recovery.